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The _run() function stops the currently running application and loads a new application, after pushing the currently running application onto the history stack.

UJML Script Syntax
void _run(string url)
A reference to the file to load. 

This function has no return value.

This function stops the currently running application, loads the UJML-compiled byte code file referenced by the url argument into memory and executes it. See Running Files, _replace() function, _unload() function, _unloadSelf() function. The current application's URL is pushed onto the history stack and it is unloaded from memory. When the new application is unloaded, the application at the top of the history stack is reloaded and restarted.

The _run() function always returns immediately, even if the application file being ran is not loaded yet. Because a UJML byte code file is a resource, you can manage the file with the standard resource events and elements. See Resources.

The following example runs the application referred to by the URL variable. It is part of the apprunner.ujml sample.

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